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I am a fun loving guy who enjoys his job and is driven to succeed. I currently manage a couple of blogs, one for electrical-deals and another personal one documenting my advice, tips, tricks and pitfalls of web design and e-commerce.

The Electrical-Deals Must Read ‘TV Buying Guide’

Firstly let me apologise, It has been quiet on the Electrical-Deals blog recently.  Getting the rush of Xmas out of the way and the January sales window, it has been good to see that sales are still staying strong now … Continue reading

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Update on Fraudulent Nano and iPhone Websites – They are NOT Electrical-Deals

As requested by a few people now here is an update to the fraudulent website and it’s sister sites,, and If you haven’t heard the story regarding these fraudulent websites already you can read the … Continue reading

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The Latest Range From Panasonic And Why They Are THAT Good!

For quite a while now Panasonic have been regarded by many in the consumer electronics industry as the market leaders when it comes to TV’s and us here at Electrical-Deals are no exception, We Love Panasonic.  That is why we … Continue reading

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Special Notice from Electrical-Deals (Beware

We felt it best to bring your attention   we believe to be a fraudulent website which is wrongfully using our name to portray itself as a legitimate business.  Also by doing this it will hopefully get word out a … Continue reading

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Geek Guide: Glossary Of Terms Part 1 – TV’s

We realise that sometimes when you come to buy a new piece of technology that it is really easy to get lost with some of the lingo used in this day and age, especially if you’re not part of the … Continue reading

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Why You Should Buy A Refurbished TV

Lets Set The Record Straight The term refurbished is becoming more and more common these days but chances are you might not know exactly what it means, or that someone has mis-informed you as to what they are.  Common questions … Continue reading

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Is One Ready For The Royal Wedding?

If Not…Why Not? So unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, chances are you will know about the big Royal occasion coming up.  Thats right, it’s the big wedding of Bill and Kate…ooops sorry … Continue reading

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An Eggcelent Discount Code With Electrical-Deals ;)

I apologise now for the cheesy title…I couldn’t resist…but in more exciting news, we have a discount code 🙂 wooohooooo That means if you want to buy something from and the value is over £250 then if you enter:

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Is 3D TV All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Love It or Hate It? The introduction of 3D TV has been a revolutionary one there is no denying it, but for the first time in a few years, it is a TV technology which has truly divided the opinion … Continue reading

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Are Google Going To Do It Again?

Google’s Track Record Google’s history is common knowledge they have totally changed the shape of the web and as such Google is now a well-known household name and is even a verb, im sure everyone has heard someone go and … Continue reading

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