Get Ready.

We are happy to announce that we have a range of gaming laptops and monitors coming soon. Stay tuned for our next blog post to be the first one to learn about the amazing deals you can get.

See below some of the products that will go live soon on our store.

Thin and Light

Thin and light gaming laptops that you can carry around anywhere.

Thanks to modern advancements in technology, you can now enjoy quality gaming with a super thin and light laptop instead of your heavy one that’s not much more portable than a desktop PC.

These laptops are smaller, but powerful and will satisfy all your gaming needs.

ASUS FX503VM-EN1847 15.6 Inch

ASUS FX503VM-DM042T 15.6 Inch

ASUS FX504GE-DM176T 15.6 Inch

ASUS GM501GM-EI005T 15.6 Inch


Wide screen with extreme Low Motion Blur technology for silky-smooth gameplay and ultra-realistic visuals. These monitors are wide and take realism up a notch, giving you visuals with great textures, so even your in-game terrain maps boast impressive levels of detail.


Asus Rog Swift PG348Q 34 Inch

ASUS XG258Q 24.5 Inch

ASUS VS248HR 24 Inch

These are just a few products that will be available for you really soon! So, are you excited?