Here at, we know a thing or two about computing, from the best value Tablets, to stylish Notebook and Laptops. So we have decided to bring you a quick rundown of our top 5 computing picks, we hope you enjoy!! Oh and don’t forget to ask us for advice or any questions you may have, in our comment section :)

1) Linx 1010L Windows 10 Tablet

First up we bring you this Windows 10 tablet from the Linx brand, which if you haven’t come across before produce a range of stylish tablets, as well as accessories. The Linx 1010L is a modern 10 inch tablet, featuring the Windows 10 operating system built in. Thanks to its light weight design, it is incredibly portable, won’t look out of place at any business meeting and is even great for everyday use. With a huge 16GB capacity for saving all your photos, music, files and more, this Windows 10 tablet is the perfect accessory for just £62.99.

2) Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Known too many as the ‘other’ manufacturer, as trend has it that if you don’t want an iPad/iPhone, then you get a Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is just another reason why this theory is true. The stunning design catches the eye immediately and the performance will not disappoint. The Android 4.4 KitKat operating system makes the Tab E incredibly simple to us, while providing all the power and performance you would expect. With 8GB built in and a SD slot capable of taking a micro SD up to 128GB, the Samsung Tab E provides everything and more you could want in a tablet costing just £109.99.


3) Asus T100TAF Convertible

Can’t decide between a laptop or a tablet? Who said you have to? The good people at Asus bring you this fantastic tablet/laptop hybrid, which just happens to be one of our favourites, the Asus T100TAF convertible laptop. The 10.1 inch detachable screen displays stunning HD and is super portable, making it ideal for any student of professional. The seamless transition from laptop to tablet is made so simple, the keyboard simply clicks off and there you have it, your laptop now becomes your tablet! Can’t decide between laptop or tablet? With the Asus T100TAF, just £119.99, you can have both in the palm of your hand!635a6726-469d-484f-b571-367e47c999e5.jpg.w480

4) Asus X553MA Windows 10 Laptop

If you’re a student, worker or just someone who wants use of a good all round laptop, you can’t go far wrong with the Asus X553MA. With its Windows 10 operating system built in, it’s right at the forefront of the current trends. Boasting a HUGE hard drive of 1TB, you will struggle to run out of storage space for all you files, videos and photos. For just £179.99 you can’t get much better than the Asus X553MA, delivering fast paced performance that you can rely on.


5) Apple iPad Air

We couldn’t bring you our top 5 computing picks, without including at least one apple product could we :). Here it is, our favourite, the Apple iPad Air. This stylish, ultra-modern tablet is from the ever popular folks over at apple and like all of their products, it doesn’t fail to disappoint. The stunning HD display, coupled with the ever impressive performance of the iPad Air, makes this a true stand out in our top 5 computing picks. At just £235.99, the Apple iPad Air truly has it all.