Ok guys, let’s dive straight in. The phrase ‘refurbished’ has become more and more commonplace within our buying experience, however there are still a few uncertainties about refurbished products. Some people believe the term refurbished means that the product is used, second hand and “most likely a faulty one like I have seen on Ebay for parts.” This couldn’t be further from the truth and hopefully we will clear this up for you in this short post, entitled ‘What is a refurbished TV?’

So let’s get into it. A refurbished TV can become classed as refurbished (sometimes known as reconditioned) in a number of ways. The most common place would be that how we at Electrical-Deals acquire the majority of our stock. The big guys out there, John Lewis, Tesco, Currys and so on all offer 30 day return policies. This can be anything from an unwanted gift, a change of mind within the customer or even the wrong colour of an item. Once the product has been opened from its original packaging (or sometimes not even opened if a customer changes there mind before the product arrives), the big guys mentioned, are no longer able to resell the TV as brand new. This is where we come in.


Around 85 % of the products we sell at electrical-deals.co.uk as ‘refurbished’ are acquired in this way, meaning essentially its often almost a brand new item in fantastic condition, simply returned as unwanted and picked up by ourselves for resale, meaning we can bring you a great product at a great price, without the worry and saving you £££’s in the process!

There are other ways a TV can become refurbished. A small percentage of our units have had minor faults or small easily fixable errors, which we have had repaired, tested and regraded by our onsite, qualified engineers for resale and with 30 years’ experience of doing just that you can be sure Electrical-Deals are up to scratch when it comes to refurbished products. We’re that confident we even offer you guys a 7 day returns policy AND 12 months free warranty!

So there you have it, our brief run down of ‘What is a refurbished TV?’. We hope we have helped clear up any worries you may have had, but if you have any questions or would like some more info just ask in the comments below or come check out our website where you can find our phone number, email contact address or even join us on live chat.

The Electrical-Deals Team.