We’re back … And we’re talking tablets guys…

At present the tablet is the most popular device on the market, in terms of growth over the last few years. Some people already have one, most who don’t have one want one and EVERYBODY is talking about them. This is where it gets tricky though, unless you know exactly what you want going in to the purchase, the options of choice are endless. It’s not even just brands competing with other brands any more, brands are competing with themselves and their previous models, always looking to out shine the last one.

We are going to keep it simple and affordable, but never short on quality. There is a LOT of choice out there, our website alone has just short of 30 different models. We are just going to look at a few of our favourites, for UNDER £100 in this quick run down, talking tablets.


@Tab 7

We are beginning our run down with the lesser know @Tab 7, which is our lowest priced tablet currently available online. The @Tab is a fantastic little Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 7″ tablet, which boats dual core processors, an impressive amount of space with the @Tab having a huge 8GB storage available and works on a 5 point multi touch display system. As well as this this nifty little tablet features an HDMI out port, so you can watch all your films or play the latest games from the tablet directly on your TV.

The @Tab7 has some of your favourite apps pre-installed, with thousands more to download from the store available. One great feature of this tablet is it comes with bluetooth  connectivity, so you can connect to a multiple of devices with the @Tab. All this, plus other features like a prolonged battery life, a USB slot and the ability to view PDF files make this affordable, yet strong performing tablet a real steal at just £45.99 !!!



Samsung Galaxy Tab |||

Next up is the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 range. One of the most successful ranges of tablets on the current market, this 7″ version is extremely popular amongst tablet users for its fantastic features and usability. For starters its a very stylish and lightweight design, at just 9.9mm thin, its easy to handle, however the Tab 3 certainly still packs powerful performance thanks to a Dual Core processor.

This great tablet features an Android 4.1 X Jelly Bean operating system, the convenience of two cameras (3MP front / 1.3MP rear), 8GB of storage and access to all you favourite apps. As well as all this, you also get an allocation of 50GB of Dropbox storage absolutely FREE!! We often site this model as our best value tablet on the market today and with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 at your hands, it’s a whole new world. It’s available on the link below for an unbeatable £67.99 !!!




Google Nexus 7

Finally we come to the Google Nexus 7. This tablet delivers the kind of results you would expect being associated with Google. The android based device that delivers a full Google experience, boasts an impressive quad-core tegra 3 processor which makes everything faster. You can enjoy a whole new entertainment experience, with the stylish and feature packed Asus Google Nexus 7″ Tablet, with fantastic technology that brings tablets into the next generation at just £91.99!!!

This tablet has an impressive 32 GB of space for the user to store apps, files and more, while being an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet, means you can get easy access to all your favourite apps through the play store. at £91.99 this is a real bargain and is only while current stocks last guys !! The Google Nexus 7 tablet, tailor made for a seamless Google experience.



All these tablets are fanatic prices, all featuring in our under £100 category. You can see all these and more, while viewing our full range of tablets right here below:




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