I’m sure by now, every single woman, man (and even his dog) know that the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is upon us. Yes it is the eve of the greatest sports spectacle in the world and in typical English fashion, we are for once not expecting too much of our boys, even though we have one of the most promising squads we have had in a while.

Having said this, while expectation is quite grounded, optimism is still fairly high. Even though most of us know that we lack the talent of a Messi, Ronaldo or Suarez, we will still believe that we have just as good a chance as anyone, come one we have Rooney, Gerrard, Hart, Sturridge. We will once again go into a major tournament believing our boys can do the impossible and we don’t want to miss a single thing.




It’s the perfect occasion (or excuse depending on how well football is liked in your house), for our nation to watch the spectacle in style, we want to see the best players in crisp HD and show our friends and family that our house is the only place they want to be coming to watch our games unfold. So, with that being said lets have a look at what we feel are our best 3 value for money, big screen, World Cup TV specials ….

46 Inch:

We begin with our very own branded Electrotec 46″ TV. First thing to mention has to be the price, at £249.99, it’s one of the cheapest 46″ TV’s available on the market today, but don’t worry guys, just because the price is low, doesn’t mean the quality is, in fact its far from it. This 46″ is FULL HD, LED backlit and the crisp, clean resolution produces outstanding visuals. Also it boasts the handy feature of having a USB por, plus has 3 HDMI sockets, perfect for hooking up a Blu Ray player or games console, like the Xbox One.

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50 Inch:

A step up in size now and onto the 50″ category. We have gone for the Toshiba brand, one of our favourite brands on the market. They are renowned for the quality of their products and this 50″ TV is no different. This 50″ is available for £448.99, which represents great value for money, for a top end Toshiba 50 inch TV. It’s FULL HD LED technology combined with Toshiba’s AMR100 picture processing, offering outstanding picture quality and lifelike image reproduction, means your films and programmes will appear crisper and more detailed, allowing you to take your enjoyment to the next level. Ideal for sports, movie and documentary enthusiasts who want to experience the most from their entertainment.

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55 Inch:

We finally come to our biggest screen on the list. This 55″ is once again from the Toshiba manufactures and boats an outstanding combination of performance and style. Delivering new levels of image quality, this 55″ giant TV will produce Full HD 3D images, 2D-to-3D image conversion and upscaling of non-HD pictures to near-full 3DHD. As well as all this you can enjoy a huge choice of viewing, with instant access to a wealth of online content and built-in Freeview HD. At just £799.99, this great model will leave you wondering why you never upgraded any sooner 🙂

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