As you may or may not be aware, a couple of months ago, we here at Electrical-Deals, undertook a major refurbishment in our Manchester based showroom. It was a hugely successful event, the opening ceremony itself was performed by the Mayor, which has transformed the look of our showroom to a modern, stylish outlet. Based just off the M60, junction 22, we are in a prime spot for easy motorway access for the whole North West.

The news of our refurbishment spread fast and the feedback has been fantastic, with all our customers and clients regularly commenting on the new look and feel to the store, saying it has rejuvenated their experience with us here at Electrical-Deals. Nationally, we have been recently picked up by ERT Magazine, who did a full page feature on our new look storeroom and the company as a whole. The guys who worked on our showroom, over at Storeplan, did a great job and knocked together this short video presentation to give you a bit of an insight into the new look, check it out here guys:

Best brands, best prices

People often have an uneducated view of refurbished goods, that they are a purchase risk and are unreliable. This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. As I have previously stated in posts on here, refurbished models tend to be unwanted gifts and returns, rather than faulty stock which would be a risk to purchase. I wont go into the ins and outs of what refurbished means once again, all the information on refurbished TVs can be found in this recent blog post, all about refurbished TV’s found here: https://electrical-deals.net/2014/01/09/glossary-of-terms-buying-a-refurbished-tv/

We have all the major manufacturers, from Toshiba to Panasonic, Samsung to LG, so if its big, familiar and reliable brand names you are after, we have them to view at your discretion. The best part of it all? As our products are classed as refurbished, we can govern our prices at much lower than the other, more recognised retailers.

Purchase help & Tech support?

A lot of people can struggle when looking at buying a new TV, laptop, digital camera etc. If you would class your self as one of those people, don’t worry about it, you’re certainly not alone. It can be tricky to keep up with the ever changing world of technology and even if you can, some of the terminology, functionalities and features, can still confuse even the most tech savy of people.

If you come on down to our Manchester based showroom, in Hollinwood, Oldham, you will get a first hand, personal service from our friendly and knowledgeable staff, who have years with in the business. If you come down to Electrical Deals, you will feel this atmosphere as soon as you enter and are greeted by our staff. Our aim is to make sure you leave happy and with the model that is perfect for you, we wont try and force any kind of sale down your throat at all. So come in, browse, check out our latest models, or just come to ask some help and advice, we are here 6 days a week to support you.

Come see our 4K

Television is constantly evolving, the changes in technology over the last 10 years alone have been phenomenal and there are no signs of anything slowing down any time soon. The latest thing at the moment to be happening in the world of Television manufacturing, is the realise and distribution of 4K TV. You may not know what 4K is, or you may never even have heard of it, but its coming and its going to be HUGE.

4K Ultra HD TVs, will deliver four times the picture resolution of 1080p Full HD, that’s eight million pixels compared to two million pixels on HD TV. What that means in terms of potential image clarity is more fine detail, greater texture and an almost photographic emulsion of smoothness. For all the info on 4K, check the youtube video above guys.

In our showroom right now, we are lucky enough to have a 55″ 4K TV in our demo room. We are one of the few to have one and it is quite something to see. Come on in to our showroom and in our demo room find our comfy sofas, as stated the 55″ 4K TV and full home cinema system all set up, so you can check it out for yourself, in full comfort and style. The 4K TV, come test it out at your discretion and have a chat, even a brew and ask for the demo in store.

If you want to check out our website before you come to our Manchester based showroom, you can, just go to http://www.electrical-deals.co.uk or you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, just log in and search Electrical Deals.

Not sure where abouts we are? Here is the link to our visit us in store page, with directions and a map: http://www.electrical-deals.co.uk/findus.html