People often try to take short cuts in life, it’s often to get to a pre-determined point which you are trying to reach, a goal you are trying to achieve or simply to save a little bit of time here and there. People do this through out all aspects of life and marketing is one where we see it done all the time.

Some marketers, often try to fast track their way through campaigns and promotions, with only the one current objective in mind, whether it is to sell a certain product or market a specific campaign. They often tend to over look the implications this could have on the way people view them in the future and try to fast track their way through a promotion, rather than establishing themselves or their company.


I see it all the time, to many of us think we can achieve our goals by giving the impression of having a strong content marketing plan, rather than actually having one. To often they use other peoples content, ideas and reputation, to give their own campaigns the lift it needs. However, while sharing other content every now and again to build relationships or even to highlight a piece of content that you believe is a great example of something is fine, but you HAVE to be producing your own content and this starts simply, yet essentially, with your blog.

Distinguish yourself as a thought leader

Your blog can help you achieve many things throughout your campaigns and personally for you as an established marketer. One of the main things it shows people, is that you can be a thought leader, not just a sharer of other peoples content. Author of the fantastic book ‘Becoming the Expert’ John Hayes (@john_w_hayes), says that to be a thought leader you have to posses a strong knowledge and passion of the industry you work in, have an opinion surrounding that industry and then you have to be able to communicate that opinion effectively. The best way of achieving this is through your blog, its the fundamental way of showing a potential audience of thousands, that you can be a thought leader.


Its the basis for your entire campaign

This may surprise some people, it may not, but your blog should be the basis for your ENTIRE campaign. I say this may surprise some people as some marketers are often over eager to start a campaign based upon a different area, when in fact you should first get your blog not only ready, but make sure its informative and not only a good read, but also interactive, provoking readers to respond to what you say and start to develop your reputation within this community. Then you can start to build around it and incorporate the other areas of your content marketing strategy.


This seems a bit of a no brainer, but anything you can boost your profile with which is free is a blessing in this day and age. In a world of marketing, where spend is essential, it’s nice to know that there are platforms available where you don’t need to spend high, even at all, all you need is the right content, a strong written word and the ability to interact with people in a way that provokes and ignites a reaction. Obviously you can pay for a domain name, certain themes etc to make your blog look more appealing, but as long as you can put forward your own, organic ideas, then you are well on the way to a strong content marketing plan, with out spending a penny.



Sourced from Steven Ormrod Blog … Make sure you follow him