Hi guys

We have a great chance for you to win a Xbox360 game absolutely free, courtesy of http://www.electrical-deals.co.uk ….

We are in todays (17/04/13) Manchester Evening NEWS (MEN) and we have an advert located within the first half of the newspaper. We are highlighting our fantastic new offer, a gamers special bundle. We have an Xbox360, with 60GB worth of hard drive, a wireless pad and 2 free games.

The other half of this bundle is a brilliant 39 inch LCD TV. It has full HD 1080p, built in Freeview, multiple HDMI ports, as well as USB playback. The two combined items are perfect for any new gamer, old gamer, someone looking for a perfect gift or simply just looking for a great deal. Now this bundle has been priced at just £299 !! So you can get your Xbox360 with pad and games and brand new 39 inch TV for less than £300 !!!

Are you on social media?? All you have to do to enter the draw to win a free XBOX360 game is find our advert in the MEN, take a snap on your camera/smart phone, upload the image to your chosen form of social media and send us the image (tag on FB/Tweet us image) and you will enter a draw to win a free Xbox360 game, its that simple.

As well as this the advert itself has a kool 10% off voucher that can be redeemed in store for ANY purchase over £100. Not a bad saving for simply cutting out a small square of newspaper right? 🙂

So Make sure you find it and tweet/Facebook us the advert to enter the draw. If you are not local to the area and would like to enter simply tweet @ElectricalDeals and ask us to be put in the draw. If you are not on Twitter but want to enter then tag us in a Facebook status asking to be entered in the draw and we will put you in.

Good luck guys

Electrical-Deals Team

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