We are supporting Cancer Research UK

We are sure you will be more than familiar with the charity Cancer Research UK. They are the world’s leading charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Funded entirely by the public, they’re working to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. They have a team of scientists, doctors, nurses, volunteers and supporters, who are united in putting an end to this devastating disease.

As well as this we are sure you all know who the legendary Bobby Moore is. He was an English footballer who captained West Ham United for more than ten years and was captain of the England team that won the 1966 World Cup. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, and was cited by Pelé as the greatest defender that he had ever played against. He won a total of 108 caps for the England team, which at the time of his international retirement in 1973 was a national record.


20 years ago today, Bobby Moore died of bowel cancer aged just 51 years old. Thanks to research, Cancer Research UK have made great progress against this disease and more people are surviving bowel cancer than ever before. On Friday 12th April, Bobby Moore’s birthday, wear your football shirt and make a small donation to help us continue to make a difference.

With your help they can continue to fight against this awful illness and all it takes it a small donation. If you’re taking part, show your support for bowel cancer research by texting Hero063 to 70070, to donate £3 – or you can donate online at http://bit.ly/152tUI6.

We’re taking part at Electrical-Deals.


One day we’ll make Bobby proud and beat bowel cancer.

Show your support TODAY !!

For more information visit our website http://www.electrical-deals.co.uk/ and for updates on how you can help find us socally on Facebook and Twitter, just search Electrical-Deals.

Thank you for your help

The Electrical-Deals team

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2 Responses to We are supporting Cancer Research UK

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