As requested by a few people now here is an update to the fraudulent website and it’s sister sites,, and If you haven’t heard the story regarding these fraudulent websites already you can read the first post here! with all of the comments from people who had spotted or not spotted the dodgy sites and the stress and time it has caused many in trying to get their money back.

So where are we up to? Well after having such an incredible response from so many people after posting the article here and on the business blog for electrical-deals (The company the above fraudulent websites were/are pretending to be) I had easily over 100 emails from people who had read the post just in time or had unfortunately read it a little too late.

For those who were quick enough and paid by Credit Card, they were able to issue a charge-back and stop the payment, which allowed them to get refunded quite quickly. Others were less fortunate and were told to wait for a delivery. About 2-3 weeks after payment some buyers had started to receive deliveries of their “iPhones” only to discover that they were fake iPhone copies from China. These people are now trying to get their money back the harder way as they have returns and shipping etc to contend with.

I don’t want to put links up of these sites as I have no intention of driving traffic to them, below is a screen shot of the homepages of the fraudulent websites above. As you can see they all look incredibly similar and because of this i encourage you to forward this to people you know and avoid these websites or sites with similar names and looks as the ones below.

ipodnanoshopsipodnanonsaleFor a link to a post I wrote last week on the research you can do to avoid getting sucked in by these type of sites then please click here to see it.

Hopefully by doing this we can stop more people getting mis-sold what they think is going to be a genuine Apple iPhone.

As always I welcome comments and will reply to each one, same if your after any advice or have any questions I am always happy to help.

Best Wishes