For quite a while now Panasonic have been regarded by many in the consumer electronics industry as the market leaders when it comes to TV’s and us here at Electrical-Deals are no exception, We Love Panasonic.  That is why we believe that Panasonic’s 2011 range deserved a special mention on our blog with us pointing out some of the great features these TV’s have.

Panasonic Smart VieraSMART Viera

Perhaps the most exciting and successful feature amongst Panasonic’s latest line up is their creation of SMART Viera, throwing their hat into the SMART TV arena and in true Panasonic style have not pulled any punches or done half a job.

As has become common place with SMART TV’s the SMART Viera doesn’t disappoint.  With compatibility to you social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube you can easily flick over to update a status whilst waiting for the adverts to finish.  As well as having compatible apps for smart phones and Tablets so you can control the Smart TV with added functionality from these devices.  The Panasonic SMART Viera is a fantastic product and to see more of what it can do check out this video below.

The Panasonic SMART Viera models are available in both their ultra stylish and slim LED models from 32″ up to 42″.  They are also available in the impressive Neo PDP Plasma range in sizes ranging from 42″ all the way up to 65″.  The models which are Smart Viera have the following letters and numbers in the model number, allowing you to easily spot which ones are SMART Viera enabled

  • E30
  • DT30
  • VT30
  • GT30
  • ST30
  • G30

You can check out our impressive prices here at Electrical-Deals and we currently stock LED’s and Plasma Panasonic SMART Viera models ranging from 32″ up to 50″.  Our favourite has to be the TX-L42E30B model which gives you the beautiful slim design and brightness offered by the LED range and also a more than adequate screen size for most rooms.  Currently at just £445.99 grab yourself a Smart Viera bargain.

What-HiFi-Awards-2011Award Winning Models

As mentioned previously it is not just us who hold a lot of praise for the 2011 Panasonic TV Range.  Panasonic have been awarded multiple awards in many different categories for their models and the ones we mention below are all from independent review sites and companies such as What Hi-Fi and Expert Reviews.

*Our STAR Buy*TX-L42E30B – What Satellite & Digital TV, Ultimate Budget Sat System July 2011

TX-L32E30B – Expert Reviews, Ultimate Award, March 2011 – Quote-“In terms of features and image quality, the TX-L32E30B is the ultimate 32in TV. Its picture quality is astounding for an edge-lit LED TV.”

TX-L24E3B – What Hi-Fi – Best sub-32in TV, Awards 2011.

TX-P50GT30 – What Hi-Fi – Best 50-52in TV, Awards 2011 – Quote – “Brilliant picture performance with all sources; vast set of features; stylish looks”

So there we are, our choice pick of the fantastic Panasonic 2011 TV Range.  If you have any questions or comments about the Panasonic Range we stock, you can drop us a comment below.


P.S This post is entirely from an independent view and in no way have we been asked or persuaded to write this by Panasonic or any of their partners.