We felt it best to bring your attention   we believe to be a fraudulent website which is wrongfully using our name to portray itself as a legitimate business.  Also by doing this it will hopefully get word out a little bit quicker on the web.

The website is http://www.nano5sale.com This website is nothing to do with us at all and we would strongly suggest not transacting on it.

***UPDATE*** (23rd October 2011)  [I have just noticed the exact same site but on a different web address, it is again a very suspect site and run by the same person/people who run Nano5sale.  This site os called http://www.ipodsnanonsale.com/ . Once again, please do not transact on this website either!]

Out of interest we did a web WhoIs search which stated that the website was registered in China by a Chinese company yet the address they give on the website is a New York address…to be specific it is a parking garage in New York, which doesn’t seem a likely place for a genuine apple reseller.

We know the deals they have online do appear to be really good.  so much so we would say “Too Good To Be True” and for that reason alone they probably are.

The email addresses on the website do not work as we have attempted to contact them regarding using our name illegally on their site and as yet have had no response.  We are currently trying other avenues to get hold of those in charge of the site.

notice from electrotecSo please be aware that http://www.nano5sale.com is nothing to do with Electrotec/ServiceCare or electrical-deals.co.uk and we would strongly recommend not “buying” anything from the website.

Bye for now

Dave – Electrical-Deals