The new Samsung Smart TVs’ has all the latest technology available in to your TV.  Samsungs latest model, the D8000 boasts an LED Screen, 2D & 3D capability, Built in Freeview HD, Cable and Freesat HD, Built in Web browser plus so much more. As well as having the lastest technology built in, the TV is also one of the best looking, if not the best, TV available to date, with its Slim design and near ‘bezel-free’ frame at only 5mm wide. The Samsung Smart TV’s have opened a whole world of possibilities, all available through your TV.

Samsung Smart TV UE55D8000

Samsung Smart TV Features.

You can now access your favourite online activities using Samsung Apps, which is the Worlds first TV App store. You are able to customise the Smart TV with a huge range of applications such as  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LoveFilm, BBC iPlayer and many, many more.

The Search All feature on the Smart TVs allows you to search for the programmes you want to watch, even while having another Live TV show on in the back ground.

Your Video is a customised video recommendation Service which picks up on your viewing history and recommends TV shows and Movie clips to suit your tastes.

Samsung’s Social TV feature allows you to stay in touch with Friends and Family at the same time as watching Live TV. You can Blog and Chat on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Talk. You can also connect with friends & family via Skype – simply connect a TV camera, sit-back and relax. The only down fall of this feature is that its availability is dependant on your region, but I’m sure this won’t be for long with the way technology is progressing.

You can now even surf the net on your TV. With a dedicated web browser optimised with Samsung Smart TV, you can browse, shop, connect and network all while laid back in the comfort of your Living-room.

These are just some of the feature Smart TV’s offer, there is so much more that the Samsung Smart TV’s offer. There is already a range of Models available boasting all boasting high TV specifications. Newer Models have LED screens with 3D capability and with most retailers the Samsung 3D glasses are included. There is already a wide range of Samsung Smart TV models available, it wouldn’t be possible to go in to detail on each Specification.


At this time this the Samsung Smart TV’s are the ultimate centre piece for Home Entertainment. Putting the hefty price tag to one side, with their wide range of features, applications and high specification, no TV comes close to competing with it…….for now. This really is the perfect unit for you if you like nothing more than to just chill out in your front room and have all the entertainment you can handle controlled with 1 remote, you literally don’t even have to think for yourself, the Smart TV ‘Your Video’ feature will reccommend what to watch based on your viewing history, and to top it all of the physical look of the TV is amazing, a perfect fit for a modern living room. This TV is not going to be for everyone, we know that for alot of people a TV is there to be watched from time to time and ‘doesn’t need’ all the additional features the Samsung Smart TV’s offer, however, you do have to admire this as a remarkable bit of innovation.