Lets Set The Record Straight

The term refurbished is becoming more and more common these days but chances are you might not know exactly what it means, or that someone has mis-informed you as to what they are.  Common questions I get asked regarding refurbs are along the lines of: ‘Is it someone’s broken television?’ or  ‘Is a refurbished TV a “used” or “secondhand” TV… like a faulty one from eBay?’ …. No! They are nothing like that.  Continue reading to find out what a refurbished TV is and why you would be daft not to at least consider buying one.

saving money with refurbished products
First, let me clear up a confusion with terms, both “refurbished” and “reconditioned” are usually the same thing. Various manufacturers call it differently. For simplicity’s sake, in this article I’ll refer to it them as “refurbished”.

Okay then, so what is a refurbished TV? Lots of big retailers, your Comet, Dixons, John Lewis etc etc offer 30 day return policies.  So a customer can, for any reason, return a product within the first 30 days. Reasons can be anything, from the product being the wrong color, to the product not working properly. Quite often items are returned the first day, still in box, never even taken out (maybe the customer purchased a plasma TV and then decided they wanted an LCD TV, or quite commonly the ‘Wife’ wasnt happy with his latest extravagant ‘too big’ purchase) Whatever the reason, the retailer accepts the return.

This gives the poor old retailer a bit of a problem, they only sell new products and this product has already been sold as new and it would be illegal to sell it as new twice.  Now some retailers have got wise to this and have set up their own outlet shops where they can sell these products but most have to send the item back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer (such as Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba etc) then inspects it, fixes it (if it needs fixing) with original factory parts and then tests it. The TV is thoroughly tested so that it meets stringent factory standards; the same standards that new TV’s must meet. After it passes the test, it is just like new… no, it is better than new, because it’s been tested that it works. It is then repackaged, labeled as a “refurbished product”, and resold at a substantial discount.

Top TV Brands Panasonic Sony Toshiba LG Samsung

Now you’re finally getting the secret of the rich. They buy refurbished plasma TV’s at huge discounts so they can afford to always be able to buy the new and latest ones, with the all singing all dancing technology.   Refurbished TV’s aren’t any rubbish quality TV’s that no-one has ever heard of.  You can easily get your hands on some of the latest models from the leading brands, like Samsung, Sony, etc. It is possible to get name brand, high quality TV’s at incredible savings. You do have to know the right place to look for it, though. 😉

We Know Just The Place

One major thing when buying a refurbished TV is to buy it from a reputable dealer.  Just for clarification…a back of a van I wouldn’t class as a reputable dealer.  The number one concern when looking for any refurbished product is if it’s safe. Spending even a dime for a broken TV is like throwing money in the garbage. Find out what you must look out for before buying a refurbished TV.  In general as long as the company look reputable, have a good website and preferably with a large online presence on multiple channels chances are they are totally trustworthy.  People like eBay and Amazon wouldn’t want their name being tarnished with dodgy sellers.  Similarly a good old-fashioned bricks and mortar address mean they are much less likely to disappear.

Here at Electrical-Deals we specialise in selling name brands, high quality TV’s at incredible savings. Thousands have already done so. Telling your friends and family that you bought a refurbished TV is your choice. They will never know if you don’t tell them! It looks (and practically is) brand new. It comes with a full 12 month repair warranty which is covered by our parent company who carry out the refurbishment work for the manufacturers with manufacturer qualified engineers and quality control supervisors.

Now you know what a refurbished TV is and how you can own some of the latest technology at a fraction of the price.  Put your fears about ‘refurbs’ to rest once and for all.


-The Electrical-Deals Team