Love It or Hate It?

The introduction of 3D TV has been a revolutionary one there is no denying it, but for the first time in a few years, it is a TV technology which has truly divided the opinion of the masses.  In one corner you have the ‘Fan Boi’s’ and in the other you have the technophobes.  So as a so-called ‘expert’ in the field of Consumer Electronics with a specialist subject on TV’s lets look at why there is such a difference of opinion.

The Underwhelmed

Now no doubt you will have met one of these people, on the web there called ‘trolls’ but in real life they are the glass half empty types.  They have been to the cinema and watched Avatar about 5 times and have been blown away by how good the 3D experience is.  This has the benchmark effect.  Avatar in 3D is the benchmark for how they will compare any other 3D picture.  Now this causes a problem in as far as they will constantly be disappointed, most films that have now been made into 3D for Blu-Ray’s etc, were not first filmed to be 3D films, they have just jumped on the band wagon.  Avatar is different as it took a small animals lifetime to create and its aim from the beginning was to use the technology available to create a 3D film.  Most other films have been altered in order to show a simulated 3D picture which unfortunately just isn’t as good.  For these underwhelmed individuals it is going to be a few years before everything available in 3D was created specifically to be 3D.

Underwhelmed 3D TV watchers
The 'Not as good as Avatar' syndrome

The Amazed

Self explanatory really… these tend to be the people who don’t usually watch films at the cinema (where this latest 3D phenomena started) and as such this technology has passed them by.   This means their first experience with 3D is either at a flash friends house who has all the latest techy gear, or walking through the electronics section of a department store.   As is customary with some clever ‘puppy dog’ marketing they will give you the glasses and show you first hand the 3D experience on some cleverly set up demo screen showing you some really good footage in 3D.  For any first timer to 3D this usually will blow them away and set the standards for what they expect in a 3D TV which is obviously much easier than the poor underwhelmed bunch above.

3D TV TestThe Not Convinced

Now…this is where I belong, and im sure im not the only one.  Through working with consumer electronics I know what you can expect from a 3D TV and I believe that it is very clever and as such has a niche in the market and is the current ‘top end’ product.  As I briefly mentioned before any gadget fan or techno fan boy will have the latest and greatest things and it’s almost a case of bragging rights being able to say, ‘I have a 3D TV’.  The problem for me lies with the glasses.  Once again I know im not the only one, but sitting in the main room watching TV with some ‘stylish’ 3D glasses on is not my idea of fun, not being a glasses wearer other than on sunny days glasses just tend to wind me up.  Until the breakthrough of glassesless 3D which Toshiba are working on then I think I will hold back on a 3D purchase.  Besides there are plenty of amazing LCD/LED and Plasma TV’s without 3D to choose from.

Samsung Full HD LCD/LED 3D TV

So What To Do?

Well unfortunately there is no straight forward answer, before taking the plunge and buying a 3D TV, make sure that it’s for you, do your research and go to any large electronic shop and try it out for yourself.  If it is for you then shop online for the model that you like, it will nearly always be considerably cheaper.

We currently have a couple of models of 3D TV’s in and they are the hugely successful Panasonic models.  We have the TX-P50VT20 and the TX-P42GT20.  Which can be found here: The 42″ ones will be online in the next week.

If however 3D is not for you but you want one of the latest TV’s without the 3D technology then please have a look around our website as im sure we have something for everybody.

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts and feelings on 3D TV, It’d be great to hear from you.

– Dave

-The Electrical-Deals Team