Samsung At It Again?

Samsung in our experience is a brand that people feel very strongly about, a bit like Marmite, you either Love them or Hate them.  Regardless of this no-one can argue with the soaring success of the brand that they have built within the electronics market.

samsung logo, televisionsWell the brand that brought us one of the first 3D TV’s as well as some of the thinnest TV’s to be seen on the market, are out innovating again on a new type of technology which if successful could transform the industry yet again.

Ladies and Gentlemen…The 46″ Samsung Solar Powered Transparent TV!

Transparent solar powered lcd tvIn a world where ‘Global Warming’ carries more weight than an obese whale, the importance of a solar-powered tv will undoubtedly bring mass acclaim from the ‘friends of the earth’

Will It Work?

Important to state here how Samsung have remained tight-lipped about how this will work, possibly huge tin foil like slates on the roof? cannot watch tv at night, or most of the year in the UK?  I’m sure Samsung boffins are working on this as we speak.

To clarify what Samsung are doing here isn’t creating new technology, this type of technology has been used increasingly over the past few years on HUD’s for cars and in aircraft cockpits.  What they are doing is taking this technology and trying to introduce it into the consumer electronics market.  Will this work? Well I imagine in the next couple of years we will have the answer but with Samsung Marketing behind it, it could well be the post 3D ‘must have’

What do you think? the future of Television design or just a show of force for ‘look at what we can do’?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.