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Are Google Going To Do It Again?

Google’s Track Record Google’s history is common knowledge they have totally changed the shape of the web and as such Google is now a well-known household name and is even a verb, im sure everyone has heard someone go and … Continue reading

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Top TV Technology Myths Busted

Getting a new TV soon? Baffled by the choices, rumours and specifications that surround new technology.  Well here at ‘Electrical-Deals Behind The Scenes’ we hear these rumours quite often and feel that it is about time we put some of … Continue reading

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Samsung Still Innovating With Solar-Powered Transparent TV

Samsung At It Again? Samsung in our experience is a brand that people feel very strongly about, a bit like Marmite, you either Love them or Hate them.  Regardless of this no-one can argue with the soaring success of the … Continue reading

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Welcome Behind The Scenes

Ladies, gentlemen, tech gurus, web wizards, geek squad alumni, happy shoppers, discount lovers,  fans of the written word, members of the Twitterati, fanatical facebookers, one and all…Hello and welcome to Electrical-Deals Behind The Scenes. -Dave -The Electrical-Deals Team

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